<<---- Click for the 2019 Online Registration link & instructions!

IMPORTANT! READ FIRST before hitting the register link: There is no requirement that you upload pictures or other documents during the process even if prompted to do so. During the registration process you will be able to indicate your preference to be on the same team with another person. We will try our best but there are no guarantees! We are live! Click to start!   If you prefer, you can copy and paste this link: http://romsa.bonzidev.com <– redirects to our secure registration portal. The registration process consists of 3 steps and in this order: Registering as a parent/guardian; registering your child/children; THEN registering your child/children to ROMSA’s 2019 Spring Season. It’s not super intuitive for some, so here it is broken down: STEPS: Create (register) a Member Account which includes your name, address, login info (name/password) etc then; Register a Child (still within the Member Account) then finally….; Register your child to our Association’s event which for players is 2019 ROMSA Spring Season – Players This will greatly speed up and improve the accuracy of the registration process. It also gives you greater visibility into your child’s team allocation, payment history, and more.